Road Access

Each villa in Apit Uma Villas is able to be accessed by a 3m wide road. The road is private with rights for all blocks within Apit Uma Villas to access it in accordance with a letter allowing access and lodged with the BPN (Indonesian Department of Lands) as part of the original subdivision. Rights of Use can also be registered for individual units as part of any sale if required.

The road is a cement road and is in good condition. Each villa with access to the road will be expected to contribute to any upkeep of the road after the completion of the Apit Uma Villa development. Prior to then, the road will be maintained by us.

Access to the road is restricted via a locked chain for security purposes. Keys to the chain lock will be provided to villa occupants. Occupants are expected to relock the chain lock after use.


Hak Milik titles in the Apit Uma Villas (equivalent to freehold in western countries) are offered for sale. There is a prohibition on foreigners holding Hak Milik titles for Indonesian land. Foreigners wishing to acquire an interest in one of our villas are advised to research and seek advice regarding the options available to them and potential transaction structures. If required, we can provide details of potential legal advisers to interested parties.

We are happy to assist or provide suggestions to assist foreigners acquiring an interest in the Apit Uma Villas.


Each villa will have a 7,700 watts electricity connection which will be prepaid. Electricity can be topped up at various local stores including the local Indomaret store.

Each villa will have access to broadband internet delivered over a dedicated microwave network, with access speeds consistently been 1-2Mbps. Each villa will have a microwave antenna that creates a line of sight connection with the relevant microwave antenna. Internet set up and monthly charges to be payable by the buyer.

There are no landline phone service to each villa owing to the lack of phone infrastructure in the area. However, there is ample mobile phone coverage including mobile broadband. Mobile broadband speeds are typically better then more populated areas in Bali due to less congestion on the system arising from being in a more sparsely populated area.


Each villa has a room for live-in staff (locally called pembamtu). Alternatively, live-away household staff can be hired either on a full or part time basis from the local area. We can assist with fulfilling any staffing plans villa purchasers wish to implement.

There is currently a full time gardener engaged to maintain the grounds in all villas in the Apit Uma Villas.

Similarly, pools will be maintained by a professional pool maintenance provider who services each pool once each week. The service includes full cleaning of the pool, water testing and provision of chlorine and other chemicals to maintain water quality.

Until the development is completed, the cost of the garden and pool maintenance will be met by us. Afterwards it is expected to be shared between all villas with an option to opt out of using the either the garden or pool service if desired.


If you have any other queries or if there is any further information which are interested in obtaining, please contact us on our Contact Us page.